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Why web conferencing by CQ:

  • additional monetisation of a conference or other events
  • wide-spreading and accumulation of audience
  • expanding events
  • high quality of technical support

Specifications of web conferencing

Your web conferencing, notwithstanding of the scale of the event, will have the following specifications:

  • professional video mixer Blackmagik 1ME
  • professional videographers
  • studio director (manages videographers and responsible for the outcoming video sequence that will be shown to audience in auditorium and online)
  •   broadcasting quality: FullHD (1080p)
  •   ability to use videographics while broadcasting: captions, credits, videos, pictures, speakers’ lists
  • connection to microphone array (provides high quality of sound — clarity of tone and noise suppression)
  • delivery of broadcasting record in Full HD at the day of web conferencing
  • broadcasting to Youtube and Facebook