To let businesses focus on what they do best by taking care of all the rest. And boost them to the stars.

Saying “BOOST your business with us” we mean it

Creative Quarter is a launch pad and booster to thrust companies to the stars. Unique entrepreneurial spirit & creative working environment for the best productivity ever possible.

Who we are

We are the team of experienced IT executives, serial entrepreneurs and social activists with a common goal: to see Ukrainian IT sector booming instead of growing at mediocre 20% annual pace. Our team works hard on growing a supportive community of professionals that redefine success on a daily basis. So more people could not just work, but be excited about what they do. We know that feeling.


To bring our goals to reality, we adopt sharing economy concepts and serve as hi-tech accelerators across Ukraine and beyond with our mission in mind and our values in action


We respect every person and each opinion as it’s a long-term relationship foundation.


We might risk, we might fail, but we never give up as any experience matters to those who grow.


To each community member we trust as on the way to success we all share the same values.


Being inspired, we plan and reach more. It is our approach to becoming a part of bigger picture.

Let us know what you think... and let’s make it work!